April 5, 2013 Summer Knight

Interpersonal Acceptance of Acknowledgement in the Innovation World

Interpersonal Acceptance of Acknowledgement in the Innovation World

Today, I was listening in as a company was announcing its top sales and account team member award recipients. To acknowledge their accomplishments, they are being rewarded with a bit of pampering, pomp and circumstance.

Hearing the name of one of the people I work with announced, I sent a simple note of congratulations over email to which he sent a note back. “Thanks Summer—I’m guessing they lowered their standards!!!”

I couldn’t let that go. None of us should ever let that go.

Many people – maybe even you – do not pause to acknowledge when a job has been done well. Have you every heard, “Great job!” and hear the response, “Oh, it was nothing.” Have you ever responded that way? If you have, you are not only disserving yourself, but also disserving the person who noticed. Please never speak negatively of yourself.

Here’s what I ask you to consider whenever you receive a compliment: You are a beautiful human being. Other people notice this about you. Let them and continue to show us your light which serves as a beacon for all of us to up level ourselves. Enjoy the reward of acknowledgement. Take a moment and congratulate yourself – pause or throw a party. You are admired and loved by your colleagues, friends, and family. That’s a tribute to you – honor that.

With love and admiration, Dr. Summer Knight



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