April 25, 2013 Summer Knight

Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare

Escape FireHealth Tech is one the hottest growing sectors right now and we’re in desperate need of new solutions for the American healthcare system. It is broken and in need of our best and brightest minds, and innovations. Are the solutions in high tech or high touch?

As part of Philly Tech Week, deliver me wellness (www.delivermewellness.com), and WHYY will be hosting an awardwinning documentary: “Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue the American Healthcare System.” The film will be screened at WHYY, 150 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, on April 25 at 6:30 p.m. There will be a panel discussion, followed by audience participation after the movie.

The panel will be moderated by Dr. Summer Knight, MD and MBA. Known as “The Innovation Doctor,” Knight is a lifelong innovation catalyst and currently serves as the National Medical Executive focused on innovation at Cigna.

Representing the medical, corporate and military sectors, the panelists include:
Lucinda Duncalfe, CEO of Real Food Works
Joseph E. Ellis, Sr., CLU, Senior Vice President of CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services
Margaret Sheehan, L.Ac. of Chester County Herbs and Acupuncture
Anne Slattery, Wellness Administrator of Fox Rothschild

To make successful inroads we need to understand the issues. To help participants better understand these issues, the panelists will reflect on how they are working within their specific sectors on the various aspects of health care identified in the documentary. They will share their perspectives about creating “escape fires” to spark change in Philadelphia’s health and wellness communities.



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