April 4, 2014 Summer Knight

Is Your House More Important Than Your Life?

Would you build your dream house… would you lay even one brick for the foundation without a plan? Of course you wouldn’t! Building a house is important and planning for that home takes an investment in time, money and other resources.

Ponder this question:

Isn’t your life more important than a house?

Of course! However, even though people agree their “dream life” is more important than their “dream house”, few people take the time to really focus on the plans for their life. Sure, we plan a vacation, plan a birthday party, and plan for kids (well sometimes). However, most people rarely plan for their “dream life”!

This lack of planning affects: your family, your income, your happiness, your sense of fulfillment, and numerous other facets of your life.

Your thoughts? Share your thoughts on the value of creating a Life Plan.

Image by Will Scullin (CC BY 2.0) via flickr



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