April 18, 2014 Summer Knight

The Doctor Is In – 3 Points to Achieve your Life Goals

Everyone has a different and personal “something” they feel compelled to do with their lives.

Oftentimes, that “something” can be a bit fuzzy or pie-in-the-sky or needs clarification.

Here’s part of the secret prescription for your successful life journey. In order to achieve your Life Success Goal, you must:

  1. Clarify exactly what the goal (or your dream) is
    Business term: Visioning Success
  2. Determine how to “make it happen”
    Business term: Strategic Planning
  3. Springboard past barriers and limiters
    Reasoning: This is why we combine neuroscience with the 5 Human Equities to increase your Success Quotient.

The YOUniqueRx is a formula that facilitates the crystallization of your goals and strategy, then catalyzes you into implementation whether your success looks like building a business, creating a charity, starting a social movement, leaving a legacy for your family or your community, changing someone’s life predicament, making a career change, up-leveling a hobby, making a major life change, having enough money to be comfortable and do what you want, getting your health back together, and the list goes on…



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