May 1, 2014 Summer Knight

Albert Einstein is wrong!

How many people would argue with Albert Einstein? Here is a quote a YOUniqueRx client sent recently:

“Try not to be a person of success, but a person of value.” Albert Einstein

Yes, this quote is attributed to Albert Einstein – smart guy – but if he said this, he is wrong – well, at least 50% wrong.

It is imperative for YOU to be both – be a person of value and be a person of successful. When you are a person of value; you are successful. And when you align professional and personal life with your life purpose, your success and your value become intertwined. So, the quote altered:

“Strive to be a person of success and a person of value.”
Albert Einstein and Summer Knight (BFFs)

Another way to think about this is when you are focused on your life purpose, you become recognized and easily identified. In addition, when “on purpose,” your value increases because you are more passionate, considered more an expert, and attract more of the right opportunities. So, here’s another quote:

“A person of purpose-focused success is a person of value.” Summer Knight

And I think Albert would agree!

Live YOUnique! Summer

BTW, please share some of words and phrases that inspire you. Let me know who its attributed to; especially those you developed from your own experience!



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  1. nakayama

    Light speed is not Constant (to observer) !!

    All that we receive with our eyes are the facts of the past (unchangeable). Wavelength of incident light is coming from the past. On incident light, a formula c = λ f stands up. And λ is unchangeable (by our motion). Terms f and c change.

    Sorry, I can’t receive E-mail. I don’t have PC.

  2. nakayama

    Newton’s absolute time

    An equilateral triangle is at a standstill in an inertial frame. Suppose that apexes are C, A, B and at C, a light source is shining. By the above, simultaneity of A, B will be guaranteed. So, simultaneity between every point of this frame will be guaranteed also. But, how about between different inertial frames ? In the above, suppose that an equilateral triangle is enlarging at a constant speed (apexes C, A, B each is in an inertial frame). By this, simultaneity of A, B will be guaranteed (also, between A, B, there will be no time dilation). So, simultaneity between optional two inertial frames will be guaranteed also.

    《P.S.》 In the equilateral triangle (shown above), number of waves that stays in two light paths is the same (to every observer), because it’s an invariant. So, every paired two waves that leave C at the same time reach A, B at the same time (to moving observers also).
    《P.S.》 Difference of the distance between the observer and A, B is other problem.
    《P.S.》 Imagine that at apexes A, B, C each (of the equilateral triangle shown above), a light source is shining (frequency is the same and constant). Simultaneity of A, B, C will not be relative.《P.S.》 How fine Newton’s findings are !

    Sorry, I can’t receive E-mail. I don’t have PC.

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