May 30, 2014 Summer Knight

Success and Impact Factors

A few weeks ago an innovative online magazine called Health Care Sales and Marketing Magazine contacted us to offer our thoughts on what makes Top Sales and Marketing Professionals Successful. They also asked how can others learn to Boost their Careers?

I personally took to the research and created a list that is not only relevant for Sales and Marketing professionals, but for all of us.

Here are the Success and Impact Factors in brief:

  1. LOVE what YOU do!
  2. Create Your clearly articulated Vision.
  3. Know who you are as a YOUnique individual.
  4. Understand your Prioritized Values.
  5. Have a strong Short-Game AND Long-Game.
  6. Define Success on Your Terms.
  7. FOCUS your attention and your time.
  8. Assure FLOW in Your Life.
  9. Nurture your Connections and your Networks.
  10. Be Great – Innovative!

This is such a great list, we are going to share the link so you can download the White Paper explaining these Success and Impact Factors as well.



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