June 1, 2014 Summer Knight

The Five Equities of a Human Being

Last week, I shared that when I “FREAKED OUT”, I recalibrated by practicing what I preach and looked at my 5 Human Equities:

  • My Purpose
  • My Success Ratio
  • My Connections
  • My Body
  • My Brain

Realizing they were out of FLOW.

You shared that you appreciated the article, but asked what are these 5 Human Equities?

The 5 Human Equities are the 5 Key Elements of Fulfillment for a Person. These 5 Human Equities were developed out of my experiences as an executive, physician, entrepreneur, and everyday parent trying to get through life as fully as possible. Over time the 5 Human Equities evolved to what they are today. Most everything we humans need to tune into – our mental and physical health, our curiosity to learn, and our genetic predisposition as humans to “matter”, to make sense of “why we are here”, and to make our unique impression in the world (at least our families and communities) are captured in these 5 Human Equities.

We have all tried it; no one has mastered it. There is no such thing as Life Balance.

Instead use the framework of the 5 Equities of a Human Being, as a solid platform that gives you strength and assures you are firm and in your greatest Power.

CirclesHere’s a few thoughts on each of the 5 Human Equities and how to leverage them to create Flow leading to greater Success in your Life.

Your Purpose

Your Purpose is about clarifying your Vision of your life journey and the YOUnique Personal Impact you want to make in the world– some people use the term legacy. Actively progressing toward Your Purpose requires developing and implementing on a Strategic Life.

The most successful people live purposefully. Successful people recognize that by aligning their professional and personal life on their Purpose they are able to focus their energy. This creates confidence leading to greater success and impact. Focusing your professional and personal life on an aligned purpose redefines your power. It is a Triad of unified alignment of your Personal Life, Professional Life, and Life Purpose.

Create a routine practice of Your Purpose “calisthenics” by reviewing and returning to Your Strategic Life Plan™ regularly.

Your Success Quotient™

Define Success on Your Terms™. As a society, our main measurement of success is how much money one has. Of course there are other ways of measuring success: a person’s influence, their reach, how infamous is a person. But ultimately, that translates into the value a person brings to the world and how they translate that value into tangible metrics of success – such as income, recognition, bonuses, and personal satisfaction.

However as individuals, we personally measure success in many different ways.

Your Success Quotient™ is how YOU measure success personally. Individually, people measure success in uniquely different – and often not consciously – ways such as how large is their home, what community do they live with, number of Friends on Facebook, how many parties invited to, number of children or cars you have, a house on the beach, how many times they have been “retweeted”, the amount of love they feel, their confidence level, how many people they have impacted or helped, whether Mom or Dad or a spouse said, “Good Job.” The myriad of ways to measure your Success Quotient™ is infinite.

Your Success Quotient may also be differentiated in material and non-material wants and needs. Successful people have clarity of how they measure success – their Success Quotient. Also, it is important to align Your Success Quotient™ metrics with frequent Action Items and Short-Term Goal attainment so you can experience and celebrate regular progress.

Create a routine practice of Your Success Quotient™ “calisthenics” by celebrating often as you make progress towards hitting Short-Term Goals outlined in growing Your Success Quotient™.

Your Connections

connectionsNurture your Connections and your Networks. Your Connections are one of your greatest indicators of both happiness and success. Connections can be considered in many ways. For example:

  • Your personal and professional relationships
  • Your networks and communities
  • Your communications

The way you communicate and interact with your Connections is critical. Successful people work with and collaborate with other people. They have positive relationships filled with Integrity, which is communicated in action rather than word.

Connections and communicating are critical. Create a process so that you can engage in Your Connection “calisthenics”.

Your Brain

Your brain and bodyYour Brain is where all your Innovation happens. A Successful person is willing to “re-innovate” what they are doing and how they are doing it. They consider tools and exploring new concepts continually striving toward personal growth.

Successful people are committed to Lifelong Learning and most importantly – INVEST in themselves. Because of the extraordinary growth in Neuroscience, you can now apply these new findings to your life to leverage a greater percentage of your brains and increase your creativity and ability to “re-innovate” yourself.

(A shameless plug here: Neuroscience is a key to the success of the YOUniqueRx for our clients.) We have created a “The Manual for Your Brain” gathering Brain Tools for your Brain Toolbox so that you can “Tune Up” your Brain to get the results you want.

Engage in the YOUniqueRx to understand how to apply neuroscience to your life and to create a routine practice of Brain “calisthenics.”

Your Body

Your Body is the only physical vehicle you will have for your journey on Earth. Thus, as you create more Success and Impact in your life, you must tune into the 5 Human Equities and address Your Body.

Create and actively execute a proactive plan for Healthy Wellness considering the “inputs” and the “outputs” of your Body’s systems. Actively address and reverse the affects of disease and “dis-ease.”

Create a routine practice of Body “calisthenics” assuring there is appropriate attention to both the “inputs” and the “outputs.”

Acknowledging the “ebb and flow,” use the 5 Human Equities to assess and prioritize your life as a springboard for creating your life goals. Recognize that attention to the rhythm of your 5 Human Equities can act as platform to springboard your personal success and creating impact to live to your GREATest potential.



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