June 21, 2014 Summer Knight

Your YOUnique Excellence Pillars

Anthropologist Margaret Mead wrote,

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique.
Just like everyone else.”

Think about this for a moment. We are all so very different, yet the same. What makes us the same allows us to connect and understand each other better. But what makes us different makes the world a glorious place. Many people want to hide their uniqueness or don’t even understand their unique gifts and individuality. Let’s explore this using the one of the Elements of your Strategic Life Plan™ called your YOUnique Excellence Pillars (YEPs).

Your YEPs are unique characteristics that are special and unique to You. We use the term YOUnique Excellence Pillars because these are the unique set of passions, qualities, interests, priorities, behaviors, skills, talents, and even quirks. When considered as the “package of you” they explain your magnificence – how you are differentiated in the world. They define your Personal Brand – who you are uniquely and differentiated in the world. They define you as an asset that others are attracted.

Why is clearly defining and understanding your YOUnique Excellence Pillars important to you?
Having clarity on your YOUnique Excellence Pillars is powerful. Understanding and having created a portfolio of your YEPs gives you a strong foundation of which to better understand how you are operating in the world. What attracts others, and why certain characteristics repel. It also gives us the ability to scrutinize those quirks we all have to develop ways of turning them into positive assets.

Here is an example of why clearly defining your YOUnique Excellence Pillars (YEPs) is critical:
In business strategy planning, organizations expend time and money to create their strategic plan. A differentiating element is what is called the Strategic Excellence Positions (SEPs). These SEPs explain how an organization is different from others, what are their strengths.

Your YOUnique Excellence Pillars (YEPs) is similar in these are the characteristics that you “cannot, not do”. Your YEPs are unique to you and they are not always obvious because they can even be those quirks your loved ones complain about transformed into your cutting edge. Your YEPs are YOUnique to You and are valued by others. They are unique characteristics that are special about YOU.

Engage the Success and Impact Team to create your Strategic Life Plan and clearly define your YOUnique Excellence Pillars (YEPs). These are your differentiators and become your PERSONAL BRAND.



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