June 23, 2014 Summer Knight

The Doctor Is In – Q & A With Dr. Knight

Denise Gonzalez wrote recently:

Dr. Knight, you talk about YOUnique Excellence Pillars. How are these useful? Can you give an example of how you used them?

Denise, “Excellent” question about YOUnique “Excellence” Pillars (YEPs). OK, that was goofy. Couldn’t help myself.

firecrackerLet me share an example of how I used my own YOUnique Excellence Pillars to develop the culture of our consultancy called Firecracker International. I did this for two reasons:

  1. Attract similarly minded consultants as “Firecrackers”
  2. Attract clients who appreciated these characteristics

I used my personal YOUnique Excellence Pillars as the foundation for our company’s culture through our Value Statements. Here’s what they are:

  • Catalysts fueled by the Outcome
  • Big Picture Strategists, Assiduous Problem Solvers, Tactical Creators
  • Be the Hero You Already Are
  • Full Force Living
  • Cultivate Magnanimity in Every Moment
  • Courageous Truth with Compassion
  • Inclusive Big Tent mentality and 1HumanRace Culture
  • Be the change we want to see in the world.

BTW, I could not see all of these myself. I hired an expert who helped me to clarify these because although I’m an expert in Strategy and Succcess, finding your YOUnique Excellence Pillars requires an internal and external team.

Take a look at this example at Firecracker Innovation.



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