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Dr. Summer Knight:


Many people feel they have “something” they know they must do in the World. However,

they may either not know exactly what that “thing” is or if they know what it is, may not be sure how to “make it happen.”

Everyone has a different “something”. For some its: building a business, creating a charity, starting a social movement, leaving a legacy for your family or your community, changing someone’s life predicament, making a career change, up-leveling a hobby, making a major life change, or getting your health back together.

I want this for you because it changed my life from being a coffee-shop waitress to becoming a successful 4 time entrepreneur, best selling author, F100 business executive and innovation expert, doctor, government leader, and firefighter-paramedic.

I believe in the YOUnique Prescription™ (YOUniqueRx™) because if we were all trained to leverage our unique set of passions, qualities, interests, priorities, behaviors, skills, talents, and even quirks to positively impact in the World… we would all be Heroes. We would all make the World a better and more hospitable place.

I believe in you. I know you can obtain your audacious goals because if I can do it, so can you.

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