3 Key Differentiators of the MOST Successful People

This month, I’ve had the opportunity to speak on a fun topic called the “3 Key Differentiators of the MOST Successful People”.

Who are the MOST Successful People? Picture being at an event and there is a certain “somebody” that everyone wants the opportunity to chat with. It’s as though just being near that person, their success might “rub off”. You know what I mean!

What is the difference between YOU – a successful person – and the MOST successful people?


So what is it that the MOST Successful People know that you do not? What’s their SECRET?

There is little to no difference between you and the world’s most successful people – except 1 thing. They have a Success SECRET that includes 3 Key Differentiators. For centuries the most successful people have passed on these 3 key differentiators from mentor to mentee; teacher to student; generation-to-generation.

The interesting thing is that YOU already know each part of this Success SECRET – but you may not be consistently putting them together. However, when you do put these together, life starts clicking in a positive way and you see an uptick in your success.

Here is the Successful Person’s Secret. They have:

  • A strong personal base from which to Springboard
  • A plan for Success
  • And a mindset to execute on creating IMPACT

You are probably saying, of course! These are obvious. However, we have learned that in order to consistently transform greater success in your life, you must develop these 3 Key Differentiators into a HABIT in your own life – to do these 3 differentiators consistently.

I usually don’t promote the Success&Impact Group actively in these newsletters because my intension is to share knowledge. However, we are built on catalyzing your SUCCESS HABITS!

We realize there are Habits of Success that we all need to develop that will TRANSFORM us into the MOST Success People. That’s why we developed the YOUniqueRx™ – to create Success Habits through routinely:

  • Leveraging the 5 Human Equities as a strong personal base
  • Creating your Success Strategy via a Strategic Life Plan
  • Leveraging Neuroscience to optimize your brain around your success and creating your unique impact.

We all have habits. The Success&Impact Group uses neuroscience to create powerful “Habits of Success”. So, if you want to uplevel your Success, join us for our next event to learn more about upleveling your success!

Image by carlosluzz (CC BY 2.0) via flickr