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Interpersonal Acceptance of Acknowledgement in the Innovation World

Interpersonal Acceptance of Acknowledgement in the Innovation World

Today, I was listening in as a company was announcing its top sales and account team member award recipients. To acknowledge their accomplishments, they are being rewarded with a bit of pampering, pomp and circumstance.

Hearing the name of one of the people I work with announced, I sent a simple note of congratulations over email to which he sent a note back. “Thanks Summer—I’m guessing they lowered their standards!!!”

I couldn’t let that go. None of us should ever let that go.

Many people – maybe even you – do not pause to acknowledge when a job has been done well. Have you every heard, “Great job!” and hear the response, “Oh, it was nothing.” Have you ever responded that way? If you have, you are not only disserving yourself, but also disserving the person who noticed. Please never speak negatively of yourself.

Here’s what I ask you to consider whenever you receive a compliment: You are a beautiful human being. Other people notice this about you. Let them and continue to show us your light which serves as a beacon for all of us to up level ourselves. Enjoy the reward of acknowledgement. Take a moment and congratulate yourself – pause or throw a party. You are admired and loved by your colleagues, friends, and family. That’s a tribute to you – honor that.

With love and admiration, Dr. Summer Knight

Springboard Enterprises names Summer Knight, MD, MBA as Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Springboard Enterprises“We are proud to name Summer Knight as Entrepreneur-in-Residence. As a Springboard Alum, she has experienced the thrills and spills on entrepreneurism having founded, built, and sold her company creating significant shareholder value. Since then she came back to Springboard to assist us with incoming companies, looking at ways to engage our CEO’s and increase the value of SBE.” States Amy Millman, CEO of Springboard Enterprises.

“Becoming an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, working with Amy Millman and the Springboard Enterprises team is truly an honor”, said Summer Knight, MD, MBA. “My goal is to highlighting the true grit entrepreneur –showing their hard work, their integrity, their social convictions to build a successful company and make the world a better place – to draw people in to enthusiastically and actively support entrepreneur success.”

Dr. Summer Knight is an entrepreneurial physician founder of DSK Companies with significant expertise in the innovative, clinical, governmental, and private sector health care arenas. As the former Chief Medical Officer of the State of Florida, she influenced Medicaid policy, health care facility regulations and stakeholder interactions. From this experience, she founded IntegriCor, LLC, changing the Medicaid marketplace by rewarding providers for improving health care quality and increasing stakeholder communication while eliminating fraud and became a Springboard Alum. Since, Knight has been adding value in innovation, entrepreneurialism/ “intrapreneurialism”, and corporate transformation. She has contributed value to companies in Strategic Planning and Transformation, Problem Solving, CEO and leadership coaching, Capital Acquisition, Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Health Care innovations, and mentoring and consulting CEO’s and decision-making executives to focus on rapid growth of scalable businesses.

Venture-catalyst Springboard Enterprises is the premier platform where entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts meet to build great women-led businesses. Springboard educates, sources, coaches, showcases and supports high growth companies seeking equity capital for expansion. Springboard has helped over 400 women-led companies raise more than $5 billion in equity financing, including 8 IPOs, and legions of high value M&As. 80% of Springboard companies are still in business, generating $4 billion in revenues and creating tens of thousands of new jobs.