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The Antidote

I’m one of those people who exudes confidence even when taking on new experiences. Examples: playing basketball for the 1st time on a league at 40; starting a completely new business in a completely new industry in a completely new country.

How? Because, I try not to take myself too seriously while seeing the humor in situations. This tendency is why I’ve had such a diverse career and set of life experiences.

However this month, I ran against a wall. Why? Multi-factorial number of stressors with the end result led me trudging through my “To Do” list seeing barrier after barrier to accomplishing my goals. Along the way, I lost the fun, forgot the laughter, and felt isolated. I got STUCK.

5 human equitiesThe Antidote?
Practice what I preach… I looked at my 5 Human Equities:

  • My Brain
  • My Body
  • My Connections
  • My Purpose
  • My Success Ratio

They were out of FLOW. Moving forward with the YOUniqueRx, I was nailing my “Purpose”, framing my “Success Ratio”, and definitely leveraging the neuroscience of my “Brain”. However, for too long I had been ignoring my “Connections” and my “Body”. This built up enough anxiety to really FREAK ME OUT!

So, took a break and pushed back from my passion, YOUniqueRx, for a couple days – played basketball, went on walks with the dog, watched my children play sports and attended recitals, had a party, called friends and reached out to people with whom I’ve been wanting to network. Smiled, laughed, danced and sang! This morning I awoke, my ribs hurting from laughing all day; laugh lines adorning my face.

And to my surprise having stepped away and addressing all for my 5 Human Equities – I was back in flow; had renewed excitement with greater focus and clarity. Amazing what happens when I remember to take a dose of my own medicine!

Image by unicoletti (CC BY 2.0) via flickr

Guttural Confidence

There are over 550 women in my immediate network who have raised money taking their businesses to the next level. Of course, we meet and speak on many topics, the most interesting to me is the topic of SUCCESS.

This week I attended the We Own It Summit surrounded by 200 of some of my most prized friends – women who had developed high scale businesses. Again the topic of success came up. But more importantly, the CONFIDENCE to garner that Success.

Don’t you have to pause when a group of people who have raised over $5B in capital, hired thousands of employees, and covered the globe with their products transition a conversation to confidence. The authors of “The Confidence Gap”, Claire Shipman and Katty Kay after interviewing some of the most influential women in the nation were also surprised to discover the extent to which even these women suffered from self-doubt.

A study in 2011 by the Institute of Leadership and Management in the United Kingdom, surveyed British managers about how confident they feel in their professions. Half the female respondents reported self-doubt about their job performance and careers, compared with fewer than a third of male respondents.

Even Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said a year before her book, Lean In, was published: “There are still days I wake up feeling like a fraud, not sure I should be where I am.”


Confidence is more significant than competence in reaching your success.

The more self-assured you are, the more you will uplevel your success. How can you do that? By developing a Strategic Life Plan and gaining clarity on your 5 Human Equities. This process removes tendencies that crush self-doubt such as second guessing yourself, ruminating, perfectionism, and difficulty with decision-making. It gives you Guttural Confidence.

Image by SweetOnVeg (CC BY 2.0) via flickr