An Exceptional Year

I was listening to a F100 CEO share that the company had an “exceptional year.” The CEO then shared the company’s definition of its “exceptional year” by reviewing data points such as revenue, profit, customer expansion, improved efficiency leading to better margins. Although all companies are different, when reporting to shareholders and WallStreet, they use similar metrics.

Pause to consider, if each of us where to make an annual report on our year as a human being, what metrics would we use? After doing this for a few years, would we develop standard equivalents? Or are our measurements for success unique to each individual? Could we develop standardized reporting for all of us or would each person develop their own unique set of metrics based on what they wanted for their lives?

What do you think?

OK, let’s assume there are some metrics we could agree on such standardized measurements – Life Metrics – on such things as household income, # of kids, dogs, cats, and giraffes per family, value of the car, amount of charitable contribution, exercise hours. But there are also unique metrics as well that we can plan for – YOUnique Metrics.

Let’s take this one step further. Suppose we agreed to report on these Life Metrics and YOUnique Metrics on a quarterly and annual basis. What do you think would happen? Would individuals begin to pre-plan the year – just like business strategists and planning committees do as they set corporate metric goals at the beginning of the year and announce them? How would this change your life?

Share your thoughts: What does “Exceptional Year” look like to you? (…and how could you measure that?)