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Delving into your Success Quotient

12482705_sYour Success Life Strategy focuses you on creating the impact and multi-dimensional success you deserve to have in your life. 100% of the people – just like you- who have incorporated this tool into their lives have had profound results. Including me – its been THE KEY to my own success.

One element of the Success Life Strategy is creating your “Success Quotient.”

So, what is a Success Quotient and how can you use them?

Once you’ve created your Success Life Strategy, you have a set of objectives, goals, and action items. To move forward effectively, you will want to measure your progress, which is why we adopted the Success Quotient.

The Success Quotient is a set of metrics – preferably quantitative and objective, yet sometimes qualitative or subjective – that measures your progress toward your goals and successes.

For each item – as I shared in the above example – you create a measurement of success trying to become as objective as possible even for soft or personal goals. We do this because it can be difficult to see the transformation we make in our lives, when we don’t actively measure the actions we take to create change in our lives.

That’s why I’ve been such an advocate of creating your Success Life Strategy – it’s a plan for your personal life to create multi-dimensional success and really affect impacts that you feel are important with your life.

A key part of this is the Success Quotient.

The Doctor Is In – What is a Strategic Life Plan?

At its most basic level, your Strategic Life Plan™ contains the following Strategic Elements:

  1. Your Vision Statement
  2. Your YOUnique Personal Impact Statement
  3. YOUnique Excellence Pillars (YEPs)
  4. Your Core Values Statement
  5. Your Long-Term Objectives

But what does this really mean?

A Strategic Life Plan is developed to clearly state the impact you want to create with your life, how you want to effectuate that impact, personal values that drive your decisions and the unique set of passions, qualities, interests, priorities, behaviors, skills, talents, and even quirks that are your assets to leverage, and the goals you want to accomplish on your journey to creating that life impact. Essentially, it is a life plan strategy you leverage to set the direction of your life.

Creating and executing on a Strategic Life Plan is your formula for success. It creates a life plan that gets you up and going every single day and assures you are satisfied with the imprint you have left in the world when you reach the twilight of your life.

Leveraging YOUniqueRx transitions you from setting goals to reaching goals.

In the next few YOUniqueRx newsletters, we will focus on each of these elements. In the meantime – to summarize each Element of your Strategic Life Plan:

This is the Future Vision of You. This Vision Statement frames how YOU want the world to look and how you envision you will partake in creating that Vision in the ensuing years. It is a destination.

A shorter timeframe than a Vision statement of 1 – 3 years, Your YOUnique Personal Impact Statement can be considered an “interim” destination to your Vision such as a major milestone on your Success Journey.  Your YOUnique Personal Impact  Statement defines the present purpose of your Life.

Sometimes also called “Core Values”, the Value Statements define and document how you operate in the World. You values direct your decisions. They are also part of our Belief System and thus tightly intertwined with your emotions.

These are unique characteristics that are special about You. In business strategy planning, they are called Strategic Excellence Positions (SEPs). At YOUniqueRx, we use the term YOUnique Excellence Pillars because these are the unique set of passions, qualities, interests, priorities, behaviors, skills, talents, and even quirks that are your assets to leverage to build your Vision.

The Long-Term Objectives are the goals you want to reach that usually require more than one year to complete. They frame and quantify YOUR vision creating a springboard for action.

The Doctor Is In – 3 Points to Achieve your Life Goals

Everyone has a different and personal “something” they feel compelled to do with their lives.

Oftentimes, that “something” can be a bit fuzzy or pie-in-the-sky or needs clarification.

Here’s part of the secret prescription for your successful life journey. In order to achieve your Life Success Goal, you must:

  1. Clarify exactly what the goal (or your dream) is
    Business term: Visioning Success
  2. Determine how to “make it happen”
    Business term: Strategic Planning
  3. Springboard past barriers and limiters
    Reasoning: This is why we combine neuroscience with the 5 Human Equities to increase your Success Quotient.

The YOUniqueRx is a formula that facilitates the crystallization of your goals and strategy, then catalyzes you into implementation whether your success looks like building a business, creating a charity, starting a social movement, leaving a legacy for your family or your community, changing someone’s life predicament, making a career change, up-leveling a hobby, making a major life change, having enough money to be comfortable and do what you want, getting your health back together, and the list goes on…

Chainsaws and Meetings

    • People notice something different about me.
    • I’m making more money doing what I love.
    • I know where to focus my time.
    • I’m more powerful and purposeful.

Chainsaws and meetings… What do they both have in common? No, I didn’t cut a conference table in half due to a berserk meeting boredom spree. But I did engage both this week. I had amazing meetings – not many people can say that – and got to play with – I mean safely operate – a chainsaw.

With Success Strategy core to what we do at YOUniqueRx, I met with individuals who have used the YOUniqueRx to uplevel their success asking, what is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you got out of the solution? Here’s a response that moved me:


“Redefining Power for me means that my Professional and Personal lives are now aligned on a focused Life Purpose.”

Wow! I further inquired, how has that helped you? Here are some answers:

      • I know where to focus my time.
      • I’m more powerful and purposeful.
      • People notice something different about me.
      • I’m making more money doing what I love.

Summer using chainsawAs I’ve shared that my Life Purpose is to catalyze success for people who want to make their unique impact in the world. With responses like that, I’m fulfilled… but not done.

Live YOUnique! Summer

PS: the tree I’m cutting for firewood with the chainsaw fell during those crazy ice storms when so many trees broke under this year’s winter onslaught.

Image by Andrew_Writer (CC BY 2.0) via flickr

Is Your House More Important Than Your Life?

Would you build your dream house… would you lay even one brick for the foundation without a plan? Of course you wouldn’t! Building a house is important and planning for that home takes an investment in time, money and other resources.

Ponder this question:

Isn’t your life more important than a house?

Of course! However, even though people agree their “dream life” is more important than their “dream house”, few people take the time to really focus on the plans for their life. Sure, we plan a vacation, plan a birthday party, and plan for kids (well sometimes). However, most people rarely plan for their “dream life”!

This lack of planning affects: your family, your income, your happiness, your sense of fulfillment, and numerous other facets of your life.

Your thoughts? Share your thoughts on the value of creating a Life Plan.

Image by Will Scullin (CC BY 2.0) via flickr

As I Strive to be the Full Me

This past week I’ve had the honor to engage on Strategy Sessions with amazing people just like you intent on creating success in alignment with your values, your purpose, and what is uniquely important to you.

The beauty of the Strategy Sessions is that we commit to being fully present in the conversation – multitasking is out; phones muted; email off. In order to make the most of our time, I share that the more transparent you can be, the better my ability to serve you becomes as a physician and an executive strategist – this is precious time between us.

During a call with an amazing entrepreneur, he said, “As I strive to be the full me.”

Now, everything stopped at that very moment in the conversation because I have to admit I’ve been grappling with the right words to describe the transformation of the YOUniqueRx process. You’ve seen glimpses of what we are offering. Words and phrases to describe the transformation of combining neuroscience with research-based strategic planning, YOUnique personal branding, Action Implementation with the flow of the 5 Human Equities. I’ve used phrases such as: Life Plan; Life Purpose; Meaning of Life; Life Goals; Success; Impact; Shining Bright.

Then he nailed it. He said can leverage the YOUniqueRx, “As I strive to be the full me.”

Wow! It’s just that simple.

I’d like to hear from you. Share the phrases that sum “this” up for you! Is it one of these words: Life Plan; Life Purpose; Meaning of Life; Life Goals; Success; Impact; Shining Bright; As I strive to be the full me. Or, do you have another phrase or word? Type them in so we can begin to increase or affirm our language around creating our unique impact in the world.

I love when we teach each other and grow together.

As I continuously strive to be the full me!

Live YOUnique, Summer

Image by mjtmail (CC BY 2.0) via flickr