Your Life Vision Statement

In the last YOUniqueRx Ezine, we introduced the Elements of your Strategic Life Plan™:

  1. Your Vision Statement
  2. Your YOUnique Personal Impact
  3. YOUnique Excellence Pillars (YEPs)
  4. Your Core Values Statement
  5. Your Long-Term Objectives

We are going to delve deeper into Your VISION STATEMENT.

Your Vision Statement is the Future Vision of You. This Vision Statement frames how YOU want the world to look and how you envision you will partake in creating that Vision in the ensuing years. It is a destination.

Vision means seeing. When you create it, you may be creating a future that others cannot see or conceptualize. Vision peers beyond the typical horizon, beyond all typical limitations. It integrates diverse variables such as time and resources in new and unique ways.

A destination statement for your Journey of Success, Your Vision is about becoming. It may bear little resemblance to what is today. It defines YOUR optimal desired future state – the mental picture – of what you want to achieve over time.

Your Vision looks years out to synthesize a picture of what can be. Your Vision provides guidance and inspiration as to what you are focused on achieving in five, ten, 25 or more years into the future.

When you are passionate about Your Vision, it becomes a “mind picture” seen with clarity and desired with such single-minded intensity that nothing is permitted to prevent its happening. Functions as the “north star” – it is what you understand your life – your work, your time, your play, your efforts – every day ultimately contributes towards accomplishing over the long term.

Share Your Vision with us. If you knew you absolutely couldn’t fail, what does Your Life Vision look like?

Image by ChadCooperPhotos (CC BY 2.0) via flickr