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Are you ready to turn “someday” into TODAY?

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We all have things we want to accomplish. What we often forget is that our most precious asset – our time – marches forward even when we aren’t paying attention. So many people get to a certain age or life transition and realize that they haven’t reached their life goals – personal or professional.

The YOUnique Prescription™ (YOUniqueRx™) helps you obtain your life’s goals, vision, and dreams faster than you imagined possible creating more success in your life and making your uniquely personal impression on the World.


  • Do you feel there must be more to life than how you are living it now?
  • Have you experienced success and now want to take it to the next level but not sure how?
  • Do you ever feel trapped in your life – perhaps like your running in a hamster wheel?
  • RxDo you have a vision of how your life should be right now – but you are not there yet?
  • Is the person you strive to be, different from who and what you are doing today?
  • Do you yearn to transition from surviving to thriving?
  • Do you seem to be very busy, yet not making headway on your big goals?
  • Have you ever asked yourself in frustration, “Is this all there is to life?”
  • Would you love to set aside your “To Do” list and start on your “To Live” list.
  • Do you have goals or a dream and need support on creating the path to get there?
  • Have you ever considered that you can create your own definition of your Meaning of Life?

YOUnique Formula


A Letter From Dr. Summer Knight

Dr. Summer Knight

Many people know me as “The Strategy Doctor”, a successful firefighter-paramedic turned physician turned executive in several StartUps, the government, and Fortune 100 companies; #1 Best Selling Author of “Win!” and proud mother.

But, it hasn’t always been this way and what many people do not know is that I started my journey growing up in a trailer park with scant resources limiting opportunities. I was a coffee shop waitress.

However despite this situation,

  • I wanted my life to have meaning.
  • I wanted to make my own personal impact in the world.

In essence, I wanted to live a life worth living. But, I wasn’t sure how to do that because I had scant resources, difficulty focusing, and no plan. What did I do?

The YOUniqueRx

I crossed the abyss from where I was then to where I am today using the YOUnique Prescription – what we affectionately call the YOUniqueRx. The YOUniqueRx catalyzed my life from a coffee shop waitress with little opportunity to becoming a successful entrepreneur, executive, and family member. If the YOUnique Prescription can do that for me when I was down and out, IMAGINE what it can do for YOU!

Admittedly, success looks different to each of us, and its unlikely that our exact vision of success mirrors each other. That’s just fine! The point is that the YOUniqueRx has been used by all sorts of different people with different goals and dreams to create your unique vision of success in your life using this proven formula based on research-based business strategy and neuroscience.

Why do I want you to share the success of YOUniqueRx with you?

Because the YOUnique Prescription™ (YoUniqueRx™) trains you to leverage your unique set of passions, qualities, interests, priorities, behaviors, skills, talents, and even quirks to positively impact in the World. If everyone did this, we would all be Heroes. We would all make the World a better and more hospitable place.

I believe in you. If I can do it, so can you.

I know you can obtain your audacious goals!

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Chelsea French“Thank you, Summer! You really have an amazing concept of what we need to do to build a successful business. You can also take what I am trying to say and put it into concise ideas and words that are better to communicate. Very important. I am grateful to have you.”

– Chelsea French, Portland Oregon Entrepreneur

Toni Argentine“I loved it! I have a new awareness that my thoughts and attitude are creating my current circumstances. (Now), I am looking for the positive in work and personal situations, using positive words… Thank You.”

– Antoinette (Toni) M. Argentine, RN, CCM Supervisor

Everyone has a personal “something” they feel compelled to do with their lives – its individual, different and unique for you than any one else. Oftentimes, that “something” is a bit fuzzy or pie-in-the-sky or needs clarification.

Here’s part of the secret prescription – In order to achieve that life goal “something”, you must:

  • Gain clarity on exactly what the goal (or dream is) – in business terms that’s called vision planning; then
  • Determine how to “make it happen” – called strategic planning in business terms; then
  • Springboard past barriers and limiters – which is why we add neuroscience and the 5 Human Equities to increase your success.

The YOUniqueRx is a formula that facilitates the crystallization of your goals and strategy, then catalyzes you into implementation whether your success looks like building a business, creating a charity, starting a social movement, leaving a legacy for your family or your community, changing someone’s life predicament, making a career change, up-leveling a hobby, making a major life change, having enough money to be comfortable and do what you want, getting your health back together, and the list goes on….

YOUnique Formula
The YOUniqueRx is for you if you want to…

  • Catalyze your success!
  • HeroLive your greatest life!
  • Create your impact in the world!
  • Clarify your priorities and life goals!
  • Feel GREAT about yourself!
  • Do more with your life!
  • Reach your next set of goals!
  • Feel more successful and satisfied!
  • Create an impact or impression or legacy in the world.

If any of these are true for you…

You’re not going to want to miss the YOUnique FREEDOM™ Success Catalyst program.

It’s not only your potential, but its your duty to use your unique qualities, passions, interests, behaviors, skills, talents, and even quirks to impact the World! I often say, “Its time to step into your YOUnique Heroism. Clarify why you are on your human journey, and take action on how you want to positively impact the world.”There are people doing that right now in the World. These are people you admire (or envy)! What’s their secret? A formula for Success: The YOUniqueRx. You are capable of executing on your YOUnique Personal Impact™ – obtaining your life’s goals, vision, and dreams faster than you imagined possible. Sometimes it’s just a matter of having support, focus and a process.

  • Did you know that the most successful people have a prescribed formula to make their impact in the World?
  • Do you want to radiate the serene stability, joy and confidence of a sustaining, high-achieving successful person?
  • Do you want to feel complete and delighted in who you are in the World?

The YOUnique Prescription™ is based on scientific neuroscience, business know-how, catalyzed with a huge dose of love!

The YoUnique Prescription™ is a program formulated to enable you to become the person you envision. It is designed to help you to obtain your life’s goals and dreams faster than you imagined possible while urging you to make your YOUnique Personal Impact™ in the World.

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Woman eureka moment
The YoUniqueRx is a comprehensive 5-Matrix Prescription:

  • YOUnique Priorities™
  • YOUnique Impact™
  • YOUnique Strategy™
  • YOUnique Odyssey™
  • YOUnique Equities™

YoUniqueRx™ Program Objectives

  • You are successful.
  • You have set a clear vision for your success.
  • You have a pathway that is executable to reach success and impact.
  • You are obtaining the goals you never thought possible.
  • You exude serenity, stability, joy and confidence of a sustaining, high-achieving successful person people.
  • You are up-leveling your life and higher purpose.
  • You have ended the pain of not being who you were meant to be in the world because you are on your odyssey living your best and greatest life.
  • You are supported by a “been there, done that” mentor and community of people who understand you and support your new heroism in the world.
  • You feel complete and delighted in who you are in the World.
  • You understand how your brain works
  • You are taking your personal and professional relationships to a new level
  • You have identified want to accomplish including the legacy you want to leave and the impact you want to create in the World
  • You have reduce your stress level easily
  • You identify and accomplish your life goals faster than you expected allowing you to set even more profound objectives
YOUnique 90-day intensiveYOUnique FREEDOM™ Success Catalyst

At the end of the YOUniqueRx FREEDOM Success Catalyst program, you will make decisions faster with greater clarity, clarify what you must do in the world to create your YOUnique impact, and clear the future so you can see a path forward to creating change in your life.

YOUnique Formula

Linda Macht, President and CEO, Tottser Tool and Manufacturing and President of Tottser-Iroquois Industries“You have given us an extraordinary opportunity. Thank you for sharing your “YOUnique” tools with us to become the best that we can be. I look forward to using the many tools to enrich my experiences with my friends, family and to move my businesses forward toward greatness. With gratitude and affection…”

– Linda Macht, President and CEO, Tottser Tool and Manufacturing and President of Tottser-Iroquois Industries

“I enjoyed listening to you and more than once you brought tears to my eyes.”

– Kathleen Nalli, RN


Class Structure and Learnings:
Your YOUnique Objectives – Long-Term Objectives

What you learn:

  • Understand time-life limitations – understand the physiologic barriers to obtaining your life goals (from a medical doctor who knows).
  • Determine what’s worth doing – prioritizing your efforts.
  • Identify long-term objectives – goals that may take longer than a year to produce and how to identify them.
  • Prioritize long-term objectives – experience the difference between your Conscious and UnderConscious priorities.
  • Clarify – objectives your UnderConscious prioritizes that must get done during your lifetime (neuroscience application in your life).
  • aHa’s – did you know that someone else’s transformative moment – their aHa – can be yours? Better yet can lead you to answer some of your sought after life questions.
Your YOUnique Vision – Understand the Strategic Life Plan Elements and Create Your Life Vision

What you learn:

  • Fears – understand fears and how to take greater control of fears and eliminate them.
  • Create your vision – clarify what’s most important to you to accomplish in your lifetime.
  • What it looks like – transform your dream future into reality today.
  • Making it real – how to take the first steps to launch to make your life goals a reality today.
Your YOUnique Values – Clarify what is MOST important to you

What you learn:

  • Ways we limit– understand we have filters and experience how these filters affect how we assess our lives.
  • Filters are important – experience how filters can be leveraged to make discerning choices and how they can also be obstructive.
  • Prioritize Values – what’s important about life to us as individuals.
  • Synergies – are your values and emotions related and if so, how?
Your YOUnique Personal Impact – Mission Milestones

What you learn:

  • YOUnique – acknowledge your unique difference inclusive of positive and challenging traits
  • Impact – understand how life purpose clarity transforms into life impact.
  • Identification – creating the impact today and in the future; the journey is underway.
  • Certainty– increase the chance of accomplishing your future.
  • Barriers – clearing challenges out of the way for a wide-open future.
Your Short-Term Goals – Get moving with your Exceptional Life

What you learn:

  • Make it happen– short-term action plan development.
  • Prioritizing – springboard actions for your life goals.
  • Crystal Clear – implementation considerations on how to accomplish your goals.
BONUS Course: YOUnique Impact – Your Strategic Life Plan Elements Framework

What you learn:

  • Life Purpose – how values lead your life purpose.
  • Values – words are not ubiquitously similar and are often code words and linkages to emotions.
  • Making dreams come true – living your values.
  • Essentials – how is life like baking a cake?

Michael Mittelman“One principle I take away from Summer is her genuine encounter moments, gems which I call them. And it’s something that I strive to do on a daily basis with every interaction that I have with people to be fully present with that person. Another one of the principles is her YOUniqueRx coaching to really be you and just insert every part of you, and every fiber of your being into every business decision, every personal interaction that you have and maintain myself when I have interactions with high level executives. With Summer’s help I’ve really been able to be true to myself and I would recommend YOUniqueRx to help any entrepreneur.”

-Michael Mittelman

Tammy Fleur-Alexy, Marketing and Growth Consultant“Dr. Summer Knight’s YOUniqueRx formula and coaching helped me go beyond the self-talk that often held me back to a place where I am now able to articulate my authentic story – the value I am meant to share with the world. YOUniqueRx is truly a blessing and a lifetime gift every person wanting to live up to her (or his) full potential deserves.”

– Tammy Fleur-Alexy, Marketing and Growth Consultant


Program Delivery:

YOUniqueRx FREEDOM Success Catalyst Program is a combination of virtual and LIVE interactions. We use the YOUniqueRx portal as participants access content and exercises. As a bonus, we will culminate this course with a phenomenal Live event!

YOUnique FREEDOM Success Catalyst Course Curriculum:
  1. YOUnique Priorities – Prioritize Long-Term Goals
  2. YOUnique Priorities – Clarify what is MOST important to you
  3. YOUnique Impact – Create Your Life Vision
  4. YOUnique Impact – Your YOUnique Personal Impact Mission
  5. YOUnique Priorities – Get moving with your Exceptional Life
Bonus Content and Q&A Sessions:
  1. Orientation and Technology Pre-Session with Q&A Session
  2. Values 3 and Q&A Session
Bonus #1

Bonus #1 for everyone who takes the course (We love this because it’s actually 4 BONUSES in 1!):
  • Access to the YoUniqueRx Virtual portal includes:
    • Access to recordings of all the Courses ($1000 value when purchased as a solo home study)
    • Access to articles and interviews
    • Access to all of Dr. Summer Knight’s slides, videos and notes
    • Access of all handouts
    • Access to Tools
  • 2 Stories Video (a video of Dr. Summer Knight telling her personal transformation story based on Neuroscience and the YoUniqueRx™)
Bonus 2

Bonus #2 for the first 200 people who sign up for the YOUniqueRx FREEDOM Catalyst

A copy of the Amazon Best Seller “WIN!” ebook. This is an amazing collaboration written with my entrepreneur friends with pearls on how we created our YOUnique Impact in the world.

Bonus 3

Bonus #3 for the first 100 people

BrainTrain Audio MP3 – this is a recording of my personal read of the BrainTrain, sharing specifically how I was able to embrace Neuroscience to transform my life. You will have a download and can take it on the road, on a run or to the gym. The MP3 Audio recording reinforces the 5 Human Equity Brain Tool: “The Manual for Your Brain”.

Bonus 4

Bonus #4: FREE ticket to the Live YOUnique Success Event!

This is where we will solidify the YOUnique Strategy and spend an amazing 3-day event celebrating YOU! (Value: $2500)

Elite Bonus

Elite Bonus for the first 12 people

FREE 40 minute 1:1 session with Dr. Summer Knight! (VALUE: $2600)

Buddy Bonus


When stuff is this good, you want to bring a Buddy! This year, we are implementing a Buddy Program where for each Buddy you bring, we reduce your costs.

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To recap, here’s what you’ll get when you commit to the YOUniqueRx FREEDOM Catalyst program
YOUnique FREEDOM Catalyst Course Curriculum:
  1. YOUnique Priorities – Prioritize Long-Term Goals
  2. YOUnique Priorities – Clarify what is MOST important to you
  3. YOUnique Impact – Create Your Life Vision
  4. YOUnique Impact – Your YOUnique Personal Impact Mission
  5. YOUnique Priorities – Get moving with your Exceptional Life
Bonus Content and Q&A Sessions:
  1. Orientation and Technology Pre-Session with Q&A Session
  2. Values 3 and Q&A Session
Success Maximizer Bonuses:
  • Bonus #1: The complete YoUniqueRx 90-day Intensive system with access to all recordings, articles, interviews, slides, videos, notes, handouts, and tools, and the 2 Stories Video (VALUE over: $1000)
  • Bonus #2 – Amazon Best Seller “WIN!” ebook for the first 200 people.
  • Bonus #3– BrainTrain Audio MP3 for the first 100 people.
  • Bonus #4 – FREE ticket to the Live YoUnique Success™ Event! (VALUE: $2500)
  • ELITE BONUS – 40 minute 1:1 session with Dr. Summer Knight for the first 12 people who sign-up! (VALUE: $2600)
  • BUDDY BONUS opportunities!
PLUS: Total BONUS Values – over $6,100

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So now you’re probably wondering, “What’s this going to cost me?”

The ticket to the event alone retails for $2,500. Include the bonuses and it’s over a $6,100 value.

Is it worth $6,100? Well, let me ask you this. What is it be worth to you to transform your life and create more success and impact in your life? Amazing things happen to amazing people! That’s what our clients find – they are doing what they were meant to do in the World – how much do you value that?

But you’re not going to pay that! This is the first time we are running this as a Virtual Course – so you are joining the YOUniqueRx FOUNDERS. Historically, others have paid $2500 for this course, but in this YOUniqueRx FOUNDERS rendition, we have dropped the price to $797!

For a LIMITED time, you can get EVERYTHING outlined – the YOUniqueRx FREEDOM Catalyst program PLUS a ticket to the Live YOUnique SUCCESS event, and ALL the Bonuses — for $797.

But, we want to make this as easy as possible for you to invest in yourself, so for a limited time I’m going to also offering a take-action scholarship of $200 (We like to reward fast-action-takers because they tend to be our very best clients!)

That means that when you take ACTION today. You will ONLY pay: $597.

YOUniqueRx logo
Yes! I’m ready to transform my life – to catalyze my Success, achieve my Impact, and live my greatest Life!

For just $797 I understand I’m getting:

  • The YOUniqueRx FREEDOM Catalyst program. This will be covered in 5 training classes, a bonus call, and bonus Q&A calls with Dr. Summer Knight ($1000 value as a solo course!)
  • I also get access to YOUniqueRx Exclusive Online Forum, which includes all recordings, articles, interviews, slides, videos, notes, handouts, and tools, and the 2 Stories Video. (priceless)

I will also receive these Bonuses:

  • The Amazon Best Seller “WIN!” ebook (first 200 people)
  • BrainTrain Audio MP3 (first 100 people)
  • A FREE bonus ticket to the Live YOUnique Success™ Event! (VALUE: $2500)
  • PLUS, the ELITE BONUS – 40 minute 1:1 session with Dr. Summer Knight (first 12 people who sign-up!) (VALUE: $2600)
  • BUDDY BONUS opportunities – with significant savings for me and my Buddies who join me for the YOUniqueRx FREEDOM Catalyst progam!

And I know I’m protected by the YOUniqueRx Guarantee (below on this page).

$797 (best deal) – $200 discount with the code to $597

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Ready to get started? Reserve your space TODAY! I believe in you; I know YOU can obtain YOUR audacious goals.

Live YOUnique,
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P.S. Let me be direct – aren’t I always. It doesn’t matter to me if you invest in this training or not. It DOES, however, matter to us that you MAKE A DECISION about INVESTING in YOU before you jump off this page. Please don’t let this be one more thing you need to “think about.” Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, reserve your spot and become the person you envision. YOUniqueRx is designed to help you to obtain your life’s goals and dreams faster than you imagined possible while urging you to make your YOUnique Personal Impact™ in the World. Reserve your space while you can!

P.P.S. Please note that you only have a limited time to invest in our easy payment plans. If you’re ready to move forward, and you want an easy payment plan, then reserve your space while you can!

P.P.P.S. Remember, you ALSO get a FREE ticket to the YOUniqueRx LIVE Event. Take advantage of this while you still can. Reserve your space now.

The YOUniqueRx Guarantee

YOUniqueRx GuaranteeWe promise to deliver high quality content, training, and support. We are confident you will receive amazing value! However, if you invest in yourself through this Course and decide it is not for you, then you may cancel this transaction and request a full refund without penalty or obligation within 72 hours from purchase date.

Ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions? Click the questions below for the answers.

As soon as you register, you’ll receive an email with the pre-work, so you can get started with this work right away!Then you’re going to be invited to 5 LIVE training calls and 1 LIVE bonus call and 1 LIVE Q&A call. We do the work together. The outcome of each module is your personal YOUnique Prescription particles to become the person you envision, designed to help you to obtain your life’s goals and dreams faster than you imagined possible while urging you to make your YOUnique Personal Impact™ in the World.If you miss one of these live calls, you’ll still be able to catch up with the recording later.

This is for you if:

  • Have experienced success of some kind and want to take it to the next level.
  • Yearn to transition from surviving to thriving.
  • Seem to be doing a lot, but not making headway on your big goals.
  • Sometimes feel frustrated even asking yourself, “Is this all there is to life?”
  • Want to set aside that “To Do” list and start on your “To Live” list.
  • Have goals or a dream and need a path to get there.
  • Want to create your definition of your Meaning of Life.

Great news! This is the time to really look at how you are using and focusing your energy. If timing is a problem, know that all the modules are recorded so you can catch up at your convenience, plus you can email your questions in so if you miss a class, you can still get them answered. Your YOUniqueRx Team is available to support you.

Your success with YOUniqueRx is based on you doing the work to create the particles of your Strategic Life Plan. We cannot make you do the work. But we can share that every client who has been committed, listened to the calls, videos, and done the work, have experienced amazing aHa’s and significant changes in their lives. People just like you.

That’s exactly where the majority of people are – sometimes even those who think they are clear. During this process, you become crystal clear about who you are “YoUniquely”, how you interact with the World (whether you realize it or not), the Impact to be made, how to make that happen, and how this beautiful YOUniqueRx network is here to support you.

What is the value of a life worth living? Priceless! At YOUniqueRx, we are committed to supporting your transformation – that’s why we give you this personal life prescription. The only thing we ask is that you make a decision NOW – not later – on whether you will invest in yourself – YES or no.

If you are ready to make real Transformation in your life, achieve Success, create Impact and Live your at your highest purpose, you must INVEST in yourself!

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About Dr. Summer Knight

DSK headerDr. Summer Knight is a 4X entrepreneur successfully founding, rapidly scaling, and profitably selling companies in health, IT, education, international security, and real estate. She began serving people as a firefighter-paramedic turned physician, Chief Medical Officer for an entire state, F100 health care Innovation Expert, and Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the venture platform Springboard Enterprises and Temple University, multiple boards, and best-selling co-author of the Win Book. Dr. Knight’s mantra is to catalyze people (and organizations) to realize their potential and to positively impact the World.

Through these unique experiences, Dr. Knight observed patterns of how individuals could make huge transformations in their lives and leverage that to create their personal impact in the World and developed the YOUnique Prescription formula sharing it with patients (literally writing it on a prescription form), corporate colleagues, entrepreneurial teams, and friends. This YOUnique Prescription helps thousands of people create real, life-altering transformation in their lives – including her own, she will tell you – into consistently, high-achieving successful people who exude serene stability, joy and confidence. The YOUnique Prescription is based on scientific neuroscience, business know-how, catalyzed with a huge dose of love.


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