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Invest in you organizations most important Asset – Your People!

If you are here, you lead an organization:

  • Where the leadership values its team members, wants to understand what motivates their employees, and values finding commonalities to align the mission of the individual with the mission of the organization in order to develop a more empowered and efficient team around the overall vision of the organization.
  • An organization that fundamentally believes their employees are their most important assets.
  • They want to create a culture and show their employees:  We care; we want to know about you; we want to know you better and who you are as a YOUnique individual.

That is why we created “Professionals on Purpose” – better known as POP! – because the next bastion of Good to Great is aligning, emboldening, and leveraging your team around a common Vision.

What PROBLEM does POP Solve?

  • With 75% of employees unengaged, we want to offer your employees Hope for the Future by aligning your organization’s Purpose to their Personal Life Purpose.
  • Assist your employees to align their life and their work on their Purpose, which is particularly important for your Millennial talent pool.

“POP” Certify employees and potential talent:

POP catalyzes success for organizations through an organizational self-actualization process aligning their employees’ individual personal purpose, goals, and values with the organization’s vision and values.  This alignment strengthens the relationship between the organization and individual employee; aligns corporate culture with vision and values and team alignment; increases productivity and decreases turnover; and encourages employees to go after their dreams within the organization making the organization more success.

Skills your people gain:

  • Leadership
  • Focus
  • Time Efficiency
  • Make decisions faster with greater clarity
  • Higher level of Goal Attainment
  • Confidence

Specifically for organizations who consider their team their greatest asset!

Contact us to learn more about our POP Program.