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Do you want to achieve more in your life and
not sure how to make it happen?

Learn how to create Success and Impact in your life purposefully…

Join me for:

3 Success Secrets used by the MOST Successful People that YOU must
Leverage toAchieve Your Life Goals and Dreams


Saturday, June 21 | 1 pm ET / 10 am PT

Dr. Summer KnightFrom: Summer Knight

Dear friend,

Do you feel frustrated because you have a big goal, and life just seems to get in your way of attaining it?

Are you one of those people who have experienced success and want to take it to the next level, but just seem to be in neutral and things are not moving forward as you would like?

Do you want to make an impact – for your family, for yourself, for your community, even the World – but just not sure how to get started or move it forward? These are just some of the questions I had before embarking on the path to create the success reaching my goals and surpassing my dreams.

Many people know me as “The Strategy Doctor”, a successful physician turned executive in several StartUps, the government, and Fortune 100 companies; #1 Best Selling Author of “Win!” and proud mother.

But, it hasn’t always been this way and what many people do not know is that I started my journey growing up in a trailer park with limited opportunities. I was a coffee shop waitress.

However, despite this situation…

I wanted my life to have meaning and to make my
own personal impact in the world.

In essence, I wanted to live a life worth living. But, I wasn’t sure how to do that because I had scant resources, difficulty focusing, and no plan. What did I do?

I crossed the abyss from where I was then to where I am today using the YOUnique Prescription™ – one of the core tools we use at the Success and Impact organization. This catalyzed my life from a coffee shop waitress with little opportunity to becoming a successful entrepreneur, executive, and family member.

Admittedly, success looks different to each of us, and its unlikely that my exact vision of success mirrors yours. That’s just fine! The point is that this is the Success and Impact formula used by the MOST Successful People in the world. It includes the 3 Key Differentiated Elements and is a flexible process that has been used by all sorts of different people with different goals and dreams to create their unique vision of success in their lives.

Using this proven formula based on research-based business strategy and neuroscience, it facilitates the crystallization of your goals and strategy, then catalyzes you into implementation whether your success looks like founding a business, creating a charity, being an excellent family member, making an impact in your community or even the World. Anything you want to achieve! 23856564-success-secrets

Join me on June 21st for a complimentary webinar, 3 Success Secrets used by the MOST Successful People” that YOU must Leverage to Achieve Your Life Goals and Dreams.

I will share how impactful people take life to the next level citing the 3 Keys that differentiate the MOST SUCCESSFUL people and how you can implement it in your life, too.

On this webinar, you will …

  • Learn the secret Success Formula used by the MOST successful people and how the real TRANSFORMATION occurs;
  • Learn how to focus on what is most important to you and the impact that you were meant to create in the world assuring you attain success purposefully not leaving your life to chance;
  • Recognize that Success and Impact doesn’t just happen, but that sustainably successful people have a secret they prescribe to – and I’m going to share it;
  • Understand the 3 elements to explore as part of your Strategic Life Plan so you get the best results;
  • And much, much more!

* Sign-up even if this date does not work for you, we will add you to our VIP list and send you a link immediately after the class. Please note upon signup, you will also receive a complimentary subscription to YOUniqueRx ezine. We will NEVER share, rent or sell you information to any other organization. We promise!


Linda Macht, President and CEO, Tottser Tool and Manufacturing and President of Tottser-Iroquois IndustriesYou have given us an extraordinary opportunity. Thank you for sharing your “YOUnique” tools with us to become the best that we can be. I look forward to using the many tools to enrich my experiences with my friends, family and to move my businesses forward toward greatness. With gratitude and affection…”

– Linda Macht, President and CEO, Tottser Tool and Manufacturing and President of Tottser-Iroquois Industries



Micaila Milburn Thomas“Participating in the (YOUnique Heroes) program has provided me a rare opportunity to reshape my relationship to myself and therefore, to the individuals and the world around me. Summer’s compassionate yet straightforward coaching style and suggestions have already helped me to create an excellent environment in which (to) examine and redefine myself, create an action plan for my business as well as for my life and the many roles we play as women.”

– Micaila Milburn Thomas