Our proprietary Success Formula: The YOUnique Prescription™ (YOUniqueRx™)

The YOUniqueRx™ is your personalized step-by-step Success and Impact Formula tailored to catalyze greater success in your life and to activate your positive impact in the world for your family, your community, and for you!

YOUniqueRx™ is a proprietary formula combining Neuroscience and research-based business Strategy transformed for use by individuals to gain clarity about the impact they want to create in the world then catalyze them to successfully reach their goals.

Our differentiator is the inter-relatedness of the 3 Matrixes of the YOUniqueRx proprietary solution leveraging:


  • Conscious versus UnderConscious Brain
  • BrainTrain Thought Habits
  • Neuroplastic Transformation
  • Grey Mater Interpretation
  • RAS Brain Modulator
  • Picture Memories

Strategic Life Plan™

  • Your Life Vision
  • Your YOUnique Personal Impact
  • YOUnique Values
  • YOUnique Excellence Pillars
  • Your Long-Term Objectives
  • Your Short-Term Goals

Five Human Equities™

  • Your Purpose
  • Your Success Quotient
  • Your Brain
  • Your Connections
  • Your Body

5 Human Equities

A key Matrix of the YOUniqueRx™ program is Neuroscience.  We leverage the latest research in Brain Science to help you understand how your Brain works and how you think.  This helps you to understand important things about yourself such as decision-making, habit changes, your confidence, your brain as a barrier, and emotion modulation.   Understanding how to leverage a greater % of your brain maximizes your results and increases your success.

Conscious vs. UnderConscious Brain

  • You have two parts of your brain: Conscious Brain and UnderConscious Brain.
  • Your UnderConscious Brain is your Brain Powerhouse.
  • Your Conscious Brain discerns and has influence over your UnderConscious.

Picture Memories

  • Proven, we store our memories in pictures.
  • Memories (recollection of an event) are altered through filters.

Reticular Activating System (RAS)

  • Millions of inputs accost your brain.
  • Your RAS filters what comes into your brain.

BrainTrain Thoughts

  • Teaches how your brain developed.
  • Teaches the physiology of a thought.
  • Teaches how to significantly change the way you think to transform yourself forward to greater success.

Strategic Life Plan

The Strategic Life PlanTM asks you to take a look at where you are in life and where you desire to be tomorrow, as well as years in the future. Our approach focuses you on what is most important to you and requires you to take action to realize your short-term, as well as, long-term goals.

Vision Statement

  • The Future Vision of You
  • Frames how YOU want the world to look.
  • It is a destination.

YOUnique Personal Impact Statement

  • A major milestone on your Success Journey.
  • When attained often become “Catalyst Points” for greater Success and Impact.

Value Statement

  • Sometimes also called “Core Values.”
  • Defines and documents how you operate in the World.

YOUnique Excellence Pillars

  • These are unique characteristics that are special about You.
  • This include your unique set of passions, qualities, interests, priorities, behaviors, skills, talents, and even quirks.

Long-Term Objectives

  • Frame how you attain Your Vision.
  • Create a springboard for action.

Short-Term Goals

  • Creating Your Exceptional Year
  • Linked to attaining at least one long-term objective.

5 Human Equities™

The Five Human Equities™ are the five core foundations of your life that create flow.  When these are all addressed you have a strong foundational springboard from which to attain greater success in your Life. The YOUniqueRx™ Program helps you uncover, rediscover, and build these areas of your like to help you reach your highest potential.

Your Purpose

  • Leverage the Strategic Life Plan to clarify Your Life Purpose so you can have more focus and confidence to achieve your unique personal impact legacy

Your Success Quotient

  • Define how you personally measure success

Your Connections

  • Your relationships, your networks and communities, and your communication

Your Brain

  • Leveraging a GREATER % of your Brain

Your Body

  • Strengthening and maintaining your body – your vehicle on Earth

With the YOUniqueRx™, together we develop the strategy to help you successfully accomplish your goals while empowering you with the knowledge of how and when to expend your energy. Our guidance will help you implement on your life plan while assuring you also stay attuned to the things in life that are most important to you.

This is the “Decade of the Woman.”


% of All Bachelor’s Degrees


% of All Master’s Degrees


% of All Doctoral Degrees


% of All Medical School Degrees


% of All Law School Degrees

of all wealth in the US
of household decisions made by women
We catalyze the success of the Success of Women. We understand the intricate and unique choices and opportunities available to Women.

Sources:  National Center for Education Statistics